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almost two years ago I started a little blog called Freshly Unshaven as a digital database for myself. Instead of storing all kinds of pictures, video’s, links and other inspirational shit on my laptop, i though it would be cool to share these things with my friends online. It never toke up much time, it never felt like a burden, but nowdays my heart just isn’t in it anymore…

sharing cool stuff is much easier due to sites like Fancy, Path or Spotify and to be honest it never was about the number of followers, likes, reblogs or sitevistors. Ofcourse the popularity of your blog is cool and flattering even, but it never ment anything to me personally.

anyway, my new online slogan is a classic by the famous Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies v/d Rohe: Less is More! Less friends, less opensource platforms, more sharing, more connecting and therefore choosing for the quality of friendship instead the quantity of friendship.

to all my followers: thanks for visiting my blog, still got a shitload of cool posts lined up and a big-ass archive, so enjoy. Stay fresh, stay unshaven! Peace Out

change your thoughts and you change your world

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